Best Marketing 101 (Starts With Research and Common Sense)

Marketing your business takes experience, knowledge and creativity. But there are basic concepts that should be considered to ensure the success of a business BEFORE investing in one. Here is an example of a business I believe will most likely fail due to poor planning. Understanding some obvious visuals may help others in similar circumstances.

A fitness club was having difficulty getting traffic to its location and obtaining new customers. After examining their business I discovered there were some issues which should have been obvious. Let’s begin.

First off by stating its a Christian facility it alienates those customers who are not or who would be afraid it would be run by obnoxious religious zealots.

Next, this small cloth sign was their idea of signage stuck near the ground. It’s small with lettering to small to be easily read and it lacks any color to gain any attention.

Then lets take a look at their store front.

The fitness club is located in a tiny strip mall between a pizzeria and a tatoo shop. The brick and mortar location is far from being ideal to say the least. This is an ugly strip mall and the “fitness” club appears to be very small.

Next let’s take a look at the view down the highway in one direction. Notice it’s a very rural area with no homes or businesses in site. What it does have are two churches on opposite sides of the road.

Next we look down the highway in the opposite direction. Again, nothing of a retail nature.

Next we look down the side road just to make sure we didn’t miss anything. But again….nothing. This business is in the middle of nowhere.

Next we want to take a look about a mile down the road to an intersection which offers a larger traffic area. But again, the retail area is depicting a rural area that is not overly conducive to major business. Its another strip mall, bigger but again its old and ugly with a handful of small businesses. Also, notice the traffic is light on the road and in the strip mall parking lot.

Last let’s examine the neighborhood. What type of homes are in the local vicinity.

I point out the neighborhood because its an important factor when deciding to engage in a business that depends on human traffic coming to a brick and mortar location. These homes are not high income homes and they are very old. Three of the visible homes have a one car garage.

In addition this is a fitness club which charges, IMO, high rates for the income level of the area. Two hundred dollars and up a month for fitness training with a trainer in an area such as this is high to say the least. The homes do not dipict families that would have disposable income to spend on fitness. Add that to their location which is small and situated between a tatoo parlor and a pizza shop which does not depict an inticing invitation. It’s ugly and small. Add then the poorly designed website on top of it all and its not if it will fail but when and how soon.

By examining the location of a business, its curb appeal, the income level of the area and the types of businesses in the vicinity, if any… will give you an indication as to whether or not starting a retail business there has a chance for success.

The area this business is in screams out its not conducive to business period, let alone one that requires customers to have expendable incomes. Fitness may be something everyone should do but its not an expense everyone wants or believes they need.

In conclusion, when deciding on conducting your marketing….do some basic due diligence FIRST. Find out if there is even a market for your business. Can the local area afford your business? Where are your compeitors located? Are they flourishing or floundering? How much foot traffic do the other businesses get which are near where you want to start a business? Ask people you don’t know if they would come to a business such as yours in the location you wish to be in. The reason you want people you don’t know is because you want honest answers; not ones from friends who are unwilling to hurt your feelings. If you find out from your research your business is unlikely to succeed….GET OUT NOW and stop wasting more money on a sinking ship.

If Arrow Fitness had done these things I don’t think they would have located their business here. The area appears to be so rural cows aren’t even there. This is a case of poor planning compounded with not being able to see what is directly in front of their nose.

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