What Business Owners Need To Consider When Doing Their Webdesign

After 22 years the one thing I see more often than not are business owners that can’t get their heads around the fact that their website is NEVER intended for them; its intended for their customers. The site has to be designed from the customers point of view…NOT THEIRS.

I found this to be the most aggravating item when dealing with attorneys. They are all to eager to boast how great they are, the degrees they hold, etc. but totally forgetting their clients initially don’t give a damn….and their sites never answer the most important question which is, “Can you win my case?” or “What are you going to do for me?”

The second and sometimes the one thing that can drive you right up the wall is when they ask some idiot with absolutely no marketing, advertising or design creds in their entire body what they think about the site design. And of course sense the business owner asks their opinion it inflates their ego so they have to find something wrong with it. Its like asking your mailman if they think the brain surgeon is doing a good job while operating on your brain. Like he would know. I’m constantly floored by the number of seemingly intelligent people who ask opinions of people who may be brilliant in their profession but don’t know shit about mine.

So to answer the initial question, businesses owners need help with getting it through their heads that when they hire professionals, ( and I do mean professionals not some fast talking hacks), they need to let us do our job. We then need to explain the justifications of why we design things the way we do so that the business owners can feel assured we know what we’re doing and why we did it. Telling them we’re pros and that they should just shut up isn’t the answer but if they can’t trust the expertise of the professionals they hire, they’re headed for a fall. They need to ask for recommendations and opionions BEFORE hiring, not after.

This is not to say that its not difficult for business owners to know who to trust and to hire but that’s what research and due diligence is for.

Also, “pretty may not pay the bills” but ugly guarantees rejection.

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