DIY Websites Are Public Relations Nightmares

I recently came across someone who had created their website themselves; a DIY job.  I run across these from time to time and cringe.  This one was for an insurance company / salesman.

First off it was a Public Relations issue staring them in the face. They were an insurance company, which is probably one of the most unlikeable companies there are; short of the undertaker.

Their DIY site wasn’t a work in progress as they stated.  Its a representation of them and their company; of which from a public relations standpoint wasn’t doing them any favors. No one likes to deal with insurance companies anyway, so add to it a website that screams, “I have no idea what I’m doing”, and they’re just shooting thenselves in the foot.

I am always amazed though when I see sites such as this because I can’t fathom why in God’s name anyone would ever want to represent themselves and their company as so dis-organized and haphazard. They are literally telling their potential clients they would be fools to trust them with their insurance needs because they can’t even dress their own company to appear presentable. Its the same as if you showed up late with wrinkled clothes and a hair-do from a hang over.

Similar examples of my point are, “restaurants with disgusting bathrooms aren’t places you want to trust your meals with”.   Or, “if your house or bedroom is a disaster, so is your life”.

What is even more astounding was the fact they previously owned an advertising business.  How could they come from advertising and not know this?  Presentation and first impressions are everything.  They either open or close the door.

He wasn’t selling something we need. He was selling something we MIGHT need.​  The point is this, they’re already pushing a boulder up hill.  Why make it even more difficult.

I don’t mean to sound harsh but they came from advertising; they should know better…so somebody needs to tell them the truth.  They need to do themselves  a favor.  Take down the site till they can hire someone who can represent them  and their company properly.

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