What Is The Purpose of A Website?

What Is The REAL Purpose of A Website?

I’ve been developing websites for going on 23 yrs. The easiest way to answer the question “what is the purpose of a website” is to ask yourself a question. Why do you go to someone’s website? What are you looking for when you visit one?

The answer is obvious. You want to see what they’re like, to get a feel of who they are, how they think, etc. It’s like the old days when families would go to someone’s home and the wives are checking out the surroundings…., the kitchen – is it up to date, does she cook a lot, the bathroom – is it messy, etc. Women especially evaluated someone by scrutinizing someones home. Was the place was a pig sty, was there plastic on the furniture, did they have smelly cat boxes, etc?

Men would do it too but not so much in relation to the home. They’d check out a man’s shoes if they were in sales, his suit, his degrees, his job title, his muscles or lack of, etc. In other words, people wanted to know who you were, and more important who you weren’t. They wanted to know what made you tick.

The point is a site is where people can check about you and what your selling whether it be products or services, people want to know who they’re buying from BEFORE they do business with you.

So the point or purpose of a site is so people can check you out. Yes, sales are part of it but don’t be fooled. Many sites have sales systems but fail to sell because their customers don’t like what they see on their site. Ugly, outdated, terrible layouts, etc. wreak of amateur hour. People are spending their hard earned money and want to feel assured its not a mistake buying from you.

All other advice is great but they don’t answer the real question asked. The REAL purpose of a website is to create a place YOUR CUSTOMERS can check you, your products and your services out. Its MAIN purpose is NOT the sales page. Satisfy these first and THEN the sales page matters.

This is the biggest mistake most businesses make….they think the website is about them.

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