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What is Advertising?

Traditional & Digital Advertising

People can’t buy what they don’t know exists.  Advertising is an essential tool used to increase awareness of your company and its products.  But its not designed to create impulse buying, but rather keeping your company and product constantly in their vision.

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Traditional & Digital Marketing

Consumers don’t buy what you sell, they only buy what has value to them.  Marketing has to answer the question, “What’s in it for me?”.

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Web Design

Web Development & Design

Designing a website for the internet is a lot more than just creating a web page or pages. Web sites depend on the designers to have a firm grasp of advertising and marketing more so than the “programming” or “design”. Nice pictures or fancy cool gimmicks may look great but more often than not miss the target their client is attempting to capture.

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Our objective is to create the most creative and colorful logos, ads, banners, brochures, websites, graphic designs, flyers, slides and other advertising and marketing collateral possible to grab a customer's attention in order to inform, entertain and motivate them to action.
Webdesign for T-shirt design/printing company
Web Design for Marketers
Webdesign for Consultants
Webdesign for E-Commerce
Nightclub Webdesign
Webdesign for Politicians
Real Estate Webdesign
Webdesign For A School
Webdesign for medical
Web Design
Webdesign for Artistis
Webdesign for Law Firms


We are a full-service agency and our services are geared to give our clients the best coverage possible. Great marketing and advertising touches an emotional nerve without words.

SEO / Maintenance

SEO, aka Search Engine Optimization, is imperative toward a sites success.  We help Google find your site by implementing tried and proven tactics.

Web & Mobile Design / Development

Web Design and Web Development go hand-in-hand.  We build e-commerce and non-e-commerce sites for computers, tablets and smart phones that work efficiently and target your clients.

Listserv Installation / Maintenance

We install, moderate and maintain Listservs.  Listserves are a closed email based communication system for group discussion and broadcast announcements which are popular among law firms and associations.


Photography is an art.  We have the ability to take photographs when a client’s website or ads need that special custom shot.  We don’t just rely on stock photography.  We offer custom and onsite photography.

Radio / Print Advertising

Radio and Print Advertising is still effective.  We can provide jingles, radio scripts, brochures, flyers, news and magazines ads, etc to effectively reach your target audiences.  Certain radio niches are very loyal audiences.


We have the ability to create some very creative Logos, from simple to complex.  Getting the correct logo is essential.  It’s a branding image that speaks to your potential clients as well as your current ones.

SEM / Maintenance

SEM, aka Search Engine Marketing, is another word for paid advertising through PPC, banner ads, social media ads, sponsorships, and other types of placements.

Digital / Traditional Advertising

We have years of experience in Traditional and Digital Advertising, creating the right layouts and campaigns that excite your customers & create buzz.

CMS & Website Maintenance

Good CMS and Website Maintenance isn’t just waiting to be told what to update or change, it’s also being proactive and letting you know what you’ve missed that should be updated, deleted or archived in order to appear and stay relevant.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing utilizes sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and numerous others, so there’s a real need for businesses to take a serious look at this new trend and make it part of their marketing strategy.

Cinema / Billboard Advertising

We have had years of experience with Cinema Screen and Billboard Advertising.  It’s not suited for all businesses but it is an effective strategy for some.  Movie theaters offer a captive audience who paid to look at the screen.

Graphic Design

If you have need for Graphic Design skills you’ve come to the right place.  View our gallery to see examples used in email campaigns, brochures, flyers, landing pages, web pages, logos and other collateral.

Social Media Marketing / Maintenance

SMM, aka Social Media Management is a daily task that’s needed to develop a relationship, keep in contact and to maintain interest with your current and potential client base.

Digital / Traditional Marketing

Marketing is like pollen to a bee; it can’t survive without it.  We develop Digital and Traditional Marketing plans to encompass more than just ads.  Our marketing campaigns create buzz.

Content Writing

Content Writing requires the ability to write in the style of a story, then switch gears in order to write technical or informational content the next; in addition to researching the product material in order to write relevant content.

Videography & Video Animation

We perform some Videography and Video Animation such as short advertising whiteboard animations, intros and other types of explanation or sales videos to give your products or service a professional presence.

Mobile App Development

We provide Mobile Application Development for IPhone or Android operating system smart phones.  Most businesses can benefit greatly by having a mobile app to enhance their marketing efforts.

Landing Pagtes

We have extensive experience creating Landing Pages that bring results using A/B testing and call-to-action buttons.  Using the right textual content is as important as what to include in its layout.





Blind Date Marketing

I find it amusing at times when I run across businesses that tackle marketing as if it were a blind date.   Blind dates are called that due to the lack of information prior to the delivery of the product; ie…your date. Its usual to not know if your date...

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